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The parish office has returned to normal operating hours, 8 am - 12 noon, 1 - 4 pm. Please be aware that the church office is NOT open to the public at this time and parishioners are discouraged from dropping by without first calling. If you have questions or concerns, please call us at 225.275.3940.

St. Thomas More School

Saint Thomas More Catholic School is committed to continuing a legacy of excellence in religious and academic education in a nurturing environment that fosters self-discipline. Saint Thomas More is a Catholic parochial school with grades kindergarten through eighth, staffed by a dedicated lay faculty.

The community of Saint Thomas More continuously strengthens its commitment to teaching the Catholic faith and tradition through worship, doctrine, ideology, and morality. The primary function of the school, in partnership with the family, is to facilitate the development of each student spiritually, academically, socially, culturally, emotionally, and physically by encouraging the students to see himself or herself as an individual with unique abilities.

The faculty and staff strive, through teaching methods and personal example, to instill in students those values that will make them responsible, informed Christians and world citizens with a respect for all creation. The instruction the school provides is a foundation for the future education of students, not an end in itself. The curriculum is designed for an educational climate in which the students are challenged to develop their capabilities. Within this framework, the faculty encourages academic excellence and fosters and atmosphere of self-discipline and self-respect. The school community–teachers, students, and their families–demonstrates a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation. Through this example, the school strives to instill in students the awareness that they should develop their talents and energies to the service of God, the Church, and all humanity.

We encourage your visit our webpage at to see many of the exciting events and student accomplishments of the past and future. Please contact Mr. Brian Moscona, Principal ( if you have any questions or want to visit our campus.